PaintMedic, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are teaming with Oyster Cove Boatworks to provide Peninsula boat owners state of the art boat and automobile detailing services in our 4,000 square foot facility located in Oyster Cove Boatworks. Visit PaintMedic Website

PaintMedic’s Boat Restoration and Protection

PaintMedic’s procedures and coating systems for restoring faded, chalky gelcoat represent a fundamental change in boat appearance and protection technology. Our proprietary coating system for marine gelcoat is the best looking, longest lasting, lowest maintenance protective finish available. With our preparation and application expertice our coating creates an extreme high luster bond that is completely non-porous. Because of the extreme hydrophobic effect of our coating the clean-ups are less frequent, take less time, and eliminate the need for expensive environmentally unfriendly chemical cleaners. Dirt, oil, fuel, and fish blood wash right off with soap and water. Treated surfaces are immune to chalking. Topsides are fully warranteed for 2 years! PaintMedic’s Boat Restoration and Protection methods are the best way to clean and protect the surfaces of your boat. Traditional compounding and polishing do not come close to the uniformity and high level of gloss achieved with our restoration system.

PaintMedic Services

• Full restoration of slick gel coated surfaces
• Non-skid surfaces are fully cleaned
• Hatches, live wells, and storage compartments are completely cleaned and coated
• Cabins and heads are vacuumed and completely cleaned
• Powdercoated surfaces are prepped and coated
• Anodized Aluminum is cleaned, polished, and sealed with our metal coating and is warranted for 2 years.

Auto Detailing

PaintMedic has been a fixture in the Tidewater detailing community since 1984. Owner Tim Wiley has 34 years of experience in the detailing field. He opened in 1989 as Carbuff’s Mobile Auto Detailing and in 2000 opened detail shops in Lexus of Virginia Beach and Lexus of Newport News. We currently service a large number of retail clients as well as several body and paint shops and antique auto restoration shops.

PaintMedic is a full service auto detailing shop offering:

• Handwashes
• Exterior polishing and paint correction
• Overspray removal
• Full interior cleaning and detailing
• Ceramic paint protection
• Plastic and rubber trim restoration
• Water removal and remidiation
• Ceramic glass treatments
• Leather and vinyl repair
• Headlight restoration

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